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ChloriSave Floating Solar Ionizer for Pool or Spa


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    Kill Algae, Viruses and Bacteria     
    The solar ionizer works by converting sunlight into a small, harmless electrical charge. This charge reacts with the mineral electrode below the waterline causing the release of ions.  These ions effectively control the growth of microorganisms in the pool and drastically reduce the normal amount of chlorine required. 
    No Installation Required. Just open the box, remove the ionizer and electron, screw the electron in place and it’s ready to use.
    The electrode should be replaced every 2-3 seasons and is available through our store.
    • Prevents algae and bacteria
    • Doesn't dry skin like chlorine
    • Doesn't discolor hair like chlorine
    • Reduce chlorine use by up to 80%
    • Reduces eye and skin irritation
    • Completely safe to swim while the ionizer is in use.
    • 2-Year Warranty

    Test Kit

    Each CS100 includes a copper ion test kit.  This kit is comprised of 30 test strips and is used to determine the amount of copper ions present in the water.  Complete instructions regarding testing are included with the kit.

    Why choose ChloriSave? 

    Cost savings: Chlorine is expensive; our solar ionizer can reduce chlorine use by up to 80%.

    Healthy option for you and your family: Effectively eliminate or reduce eye redness and skin irritation by reducing the amount of chlorine needed to clean your pool. 

    Safety: The CS100 safely and quietly removes bacteria and algae from water without the use of chemicals by using a nominal solar charge.   

    Environmentally Friendly: Our CS100 model uses sunlight to charge a copper and silver electrode.  The materials in the electrode are completely natural and safe for the environment. 

    Easy to Install and Use: Very easy to install and requires very little maintenance. Simply remove the unit from it's packaging, screw the electrode in place and you're ready to go.

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