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AquaProducts Aquabot Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner


35.00 LBS
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    Aquabot Fully Robotic Residential Swimming Pool Cleaner

    Complete Pool Cleaning And Savings At The Touch Of A Button!

    The computer-controlled Aquabot is pre-programmed by Aqua Products to scrub, vacuum and filter dirt and debris from the floor, walls, waterlines and steps of all sizes, shapes and surface type of swimming pools in six hours or less -- automatically.

    The lightweight Aquabot has its own pump and microfiltration bag located inside its body and operates completely independent of the main pool filter, eliminating the need for messy, bulky hoses and “costly to operate” booster pumps.

    Engineered for reliable, worry free operation, the Aquabot cannot become stuck on stairs or ladders, or become tangled in hoses like other pool cleaners. Just take the Aquabot out of the box and put it in your pool - No Installation Required.

    Scrubbing Action - Front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes, powered by Aquabot’s internal drive motor, loosen heavy dirt and fine particles to be vacuumed and trapped in the microfilter bag.

    Vacuuming - The Aquabot’s exceptionally high suction power and large vacuum intake ports enable it to vacuum up all types of dirt and debris.

    Built-in Filtration System - The Aquabot will clean and purify thousands of gallons of water per hour. The Aquabot is equipped with an expansive, reusable microfilter bag that has the capacity to hold many leaves and twigs and is capable of filtering out all types of fine particles including sand, silt, algae and bacteria. The filter bag can be easily removed and rinsed clean.
    And, since debris goes into your Aquabot, not your pool filter, backwashing and cleaning cartridges is reduced by up to 80% saving thousands of gallons of water, chemicals, the environment and your filter.

    Better Chemical Distribution - As a result of Aquabot’s heavy-duty pumping action, the pool’s bottom and surface water are mixed, raising water temperature below while reducing evaporation above. This decreases
    energy bills and creates a more even distribution of chemicals, which
    normally settle to the pool floor. 

    No Installation - Operation is as simple as dropping the Aquabot into your pool, plugging it into its 24V transformer and pushing a button. It does the rest by itself. The Aquabot is the safest and easiest cleaner to use, and operating costs are little more than 10 cents a day.

    Low maintenance - Constructed of corrosion-proof materials, with fewer than 10 moving parts, the Aquabot requires little or no maintenance.

    Cut Your Summer Pool Bills In Half! The Aquabot drastically reduces the frequency of wasteful backwashing, saving thousands of gallons of water per year and reducing chemical consumption by as much as 30%. With the Aquabot at work in your pool you can even decrease the running time of your pool’s filtration system by as much as 60%.

    The Aquabot, its power Supply and Floating Cable are ETL Listed to UL Standard 1081. No other robotic cleaner is this safe.

    Quantity of Water Filtered:
    4000 Gallons per Hour
    Cleaning Coverage:
    3500 Sq. Ft / Hr.
    Electrical Cord Length:
    51 ft.
    Unit Weight:
    16.9 lbs.
    140 Watts
    Reset Switch:
    Manual (To prevent accidental restart)
    Operating Cost:
    1 Kilowatt Hr. per 6 Hours Approximately 10¢ Per Use
    Electrical Plug:
    115v / 60Hz
    Filtration - Micron Rating:
    Self Contained ? Down To 2 Microns
    Scrubbing Ability:
    Heavy Duty - All Types
    Shipping Dimensions
    17.5” x 17.5” x 19.5”
    Shipping Weight:
    36 lbs.

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